Jim Bannister was recently featured by WYFF4

Jim Bannister was recently featured by WYFF4 in a segment explaining the latest news in the trial of Dylann Roof, who seeks to represent himself in trial following his June 2015 attack at Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, SC. Federal prosecutors are seeking the death penalty against Roof on dozens of charges including hate crimes and obstruction of religion.

Bannister was asked for input as an experienced criminal defense attorney in a recent WYFF article. Having handled a number of high profile murder cases, he understands the complexity involved in a client facing a death penalty case and trying to represent himself. Bannister explains that sometimes (although rarely), it can be a valid strategy if the defendant is well-spoken, intelligent, and part of an overall trial strategy. “In this particular case, Roof’s attempt to represent himself has all the hallmarks of a client who has gone rogue and refuses to take his attorneys’ advice,” states Bannister.

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