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Halloween Safety

As a law firm, we see a noticeable spike in pedestrian collision accidents around this time of year. These are the kind of cases where somebody is walking on the street and they get hit by a car or some other sort of motor vehicle. What explains the spike is anybody’s guess. But, it would…

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Tailgate Responsibly

Tailgate Responsibly Football is finally back! Whether you have a passion for college football or the NFL, all football enthusiasts can agree that this is one of the best times of the year: fall, weekends full of games and, of course, tailgating. As you head back to your alma mater, or head to a professional…

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James Bannister

An Open Letter To Ryan Lochte

While we are serious about our work, we also appreciate a little humor in our lives. Below our Managing Partner Jim shares his “no-nonsense” thoughts about a nonsensical Lotche situation. An open letter to Ryan Lochte, Dear Ryan, As a criminal defense attorney, I just wanted to give you a tip of the hat for…

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pokemon go legal info

What You Might Not Know about Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go, a new virtual reality game created by Niantic Labs, was released last month in more than 35 countries around the world. The mobile application uses GPS location to interact with the user, who can locate, catch, battle and trade animated creatures as they appear in real-world locations. The mobile application builds off the…

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Title IX

Many Title IX disputes on college campuses, especially those involving sexual assault charges, are resulting in lawsuits by student families aimed at universities. Most campus investigations, advised by the governmental “dear colleague” letters, use a weak preponderance of evidence standard for determining guilt, in contrast to the clear and convicting evidence needed in criminal court.…

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