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Robbery in South Carolina is defined as taking from the person or presence of an individual by force or threat of force.

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Rights for Armed Robbery Criminal Charges

  • You have the right to fight the charges against you.
  • There are defenses against robbery, including lack of intent, mistake, lack of weapon, mistaken identity, true owner and lack of evidence.
  • Our armed robbery lawyers can provide you aggressive legal representation through every aspect of your case.
  • We can begin representing you immediately, handling all court appearances.

Armed robbery charges carry the potential for years in prison, but you don’t have to fight alone.

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Strong Arm Robbery in South Carolina

S.C. Code § 16-11-325 criminalizes strong arm robbery in South Carolina. It is a felony punishable by up to 15 years in prison.

Elements of Robbery in South Carolina

Strong armed robbery is defined under common law as:

  • Felonious or unlawful taking
  • Money, goods or other personal property
  • From the person of another or in their immediate presence
  • By violence or fear of violence

State v. Rosemond, 356 S.C. 426, 430 (2003).

Robbery Charges in South Carolina

Robbery is different from theft because robbery is taking directly from the victim’s person, whereas theft is taking something that doesn’t belong to you. Robbery requires the immediate presence of the person, and theft does not.

South Carolina has three primary criminal charges for robbery:

Common law, strong arm robbery, S.C. Code § 16-11-325

S.C. Code § 16-11-325 codified the common law charge of robbery.

Penalty: Felony, up to 15 years in prison.

Robbery while armed with a deadly weapon, S.C. Code § 16-11-330(A)

A person is guilty of robbery while armed with a deadly weapon if they:

  • Commit robbery
  • While armed with a pistol, dirk, slingshot, metal knuckles, razor or other deadly weapon OR
  • While alleging by action or words that they are armed with a deadly weapon or object reasonably believed to be a deadly weapon

Penalty: Felony, 10-30 years in prison, no suspended sentence or probation, no parole before serving at least seven years.

Attempted armed robbery, S.C. Code § 16-11-330(B)

A person is guilty of attempted armed robbery if they:

  • Attempt robbery
  • While armed with a pistol, dirk, slingshot, metal knuckles, razor or other deadly weapon OR
  • While representing by action or words that they are armed

Penalty: Felony, up to 20 years in prison.

Purse snatching

Purse snatching is a violation of S.C. Code § 16-13-150. It is unlawful to snatch and carry away a purse or other thing of value to deprive the lawful owner.

Purse snatching covers circumstances that are not robbery or grand larceny. An offense is a misdemeanor punishable by up to three years of incarceration.

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