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Have you been unfairly treated by an insurance company? Are they denying payment that you deserve? At Bannister, Wyatt & Stalvey, LLC, we are bad faith insurance lawyers. We are invested in the success of each client. If you need help getting fair payment from an insurance company, our law firm can represent you. Contact us today to begin working on your claim.

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Bad Faith Insurance Lawyers Near Greenville, SC

Our lawyers represent people in insurance claims in Greenville and throughout South Carolina. It’s our goal to ensure that individuals and organizations have the representation they need to level the playing field with the insurance company.

What Is Bad Faith Insurance Law?

Insurance companies have a legal duty to pay when a loss is covered by an insurance policy. Bad faith insurance law holds the insurance companies accountable when they refuse to fairly pay claims.

When the insurance company denies a claim or pays too little, without a good reason, they are acting in bad faith. When the insurance company won’t fairly pay on a policy claim, they may be liable.

Bad faith insurance lawyers represent a person when the insurance company won’t pay a claim.

Compensation Available in a Bad Faith Insurance Claim

Damages you can ask for in a bad faith insurance claim include:

  • Unpaid benefits: At the heart of any bad faith insurance claim is the fact that the insurance company didn’t fairly pay benefits. The claim may include the amounts that the insurance company refused to pay.
  • Additional damages: Not receiving the benefits that you deserve may end up costing you more. If you can’t pay bills, there may be interest charges, for example. These extra expenses are damages that result from the insurance company’s bad faith. They may be included as part of the claim so that you’re in the same position financially as though the bad faith had never occurred.
  • Punitive damages: In cases where the insurance company acts with willful or reckless misconduct, punitive damages may be available. The damages awarded are meant to punish the insurance company and change their behavior in the future. You must meet an elevated standard to show willful or reckless misconduct to receive punitive damages.
  • Attorney’s fees: It wouldn’t be fair if the victims were out the cost of their lawyer to bring a bad faith insurance claim. After all, it’s the insurance company that caused the damage. The victim can ask for fair payment of attorney fees to cover the cost of the legal action to enforce their rights.

Our lawyers carefully review your situation to ensure you claim fair compensation for your bad faith insurance claim.

Our Lawyers Can Help When the Insurance Company Won’t Pay

When the insurance company won’t pay, our lawyers represent you relentlessly and with commitment to excellence. We strive to establish personal trust with our clients in every way.

Some ways that we may assist you in a bad faith insurance claim is through any of the following:

  • Evaluating the insurance policy to determine coverage
  • Examining reasons given by the insurance company for denying coverage
  • Determining what the payment should be
  • Reviewing state and federal law to see if the insurance company followed regulations in administering their claim
  • Analyzing the actions of the insurance company and gathering proof of the way that they acted in bad faith
  • Pursuing internal appeals or filing demand letters, as appropriate
  • Calculating damages associated with the bad faith
  • Anticipating defenses including claims of an objectively reasonable basis for denial
  • Representing you in drafting legal documents, following legal procedure and representing you in court
  • Resolving your case with a maximum settlement, or representing your interests at trial

Throughout your case, we provide experienced legal counsel and advice. Have the confidence to know that your case is in good hands. We work with the highest ethical standards of unquestionable integrity.

If you have questions about an insurance claim, or you are ready to begin your bad faith insurance claim, we invite you to contact our lawyers today.

Do I Have a Bad Faith Insurance Claim?

You may know that the insurance company isn’t processing your claim fairly. They’re saying things that don’t make sense, or they’re not even responding to questions about your case. But is what’s happening bad faith?

Here are some examples of actions that may be bad faith by the insurance company:

  • Not paying when damages are covered
  • Paying too little based on actual coverage and losses
  • Asking for documents over and over again
  • Failing to respond timely to communications about the case
  • Not investigating the claim
  • Forcing the insured party to take legal action to get a fair payment for their losses
  • Making settlement offers that are too low to discourage the insured from pursuing what they deserve
  • Misrepresentation of coverage or policy terms to discourage the claim
  • Revoking or threatening to revoke a policy as retaliation for filing a claim
  • Other acts that are unreasonable failures to timely pay a claim

There are a lot of different things that may amount to insurance bad faith. The best way to know if you’re the victim of insurance bad faith is to contact us for a personalized consultation about your claim. We can explore the actions of the insurance company and look at ways to hold them accountable.

Why Choose Our Bad Faith Insurance Lawyers?

The Bannister, Wyatt & Stalvey, LLC, Attorneys at Law, represent individuals, families and organizations when they need to do battle with the insurance companies. We are a fully-resourced, highly experienced and specialized litigation firm focused on the issues that matter to you the most.

We have been serving Greenville and South Carolina since 1976. We rely on our experience, but each case is tailored to your unique needs and goals. Throughout the case, we’re committed to excellence in the legal profession, and working with the utmost integrity to maximize your case results.

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