July 15, 2019

The Final Steps to Owning Your New Home The Closing Process

The Closing Process Buying a new home should be an exciting time, but the process can often seem stressful and overwhelming. If you’ve made it to the point where you’re ready to close on a property, the good news is that your real estate-buying journey is coming to an end. […]
June 24, 2019
Fathers’ Custody Rights In Greenville SC

Fathers’ Custody Rights

What Are Fathers’ Custody Rights? Father’s Day is usually a joyful holiday to be celebrated with loved ones; however, it can be emotionally difficult for fathers fighting for custody of their children. Throughout the years, the term “mother” has become synonymous with primary caretaker, but this is not always the […]
May 23, 2019

Easements & How They Affect Your Property

As a homeowner, the idea of a stranger on your property can be distasteful and even unnerving. Occasionally, homeowners are subject to an easement without their knowledge. What is an easement? An easement is a legal right of way granted to a particular individual to cross, enter, and/or use another’s […]
May 17, 2019
why you need a will

Why Everyone Needs a Will

Legal Wills Ignorance is bliss when it comes to thinking about death, right? The truth of the matter is that death is an inevitable fact of life. The creation of a last will and testament may help ease some of the anxiety surrounding the idea of your passing. According to […]
April 23, 2019

Non-Compete and Non-Solicitation Agreements

Preventing Client Poaching: The Importance of Non-Compete & Non-Solicitation Agreements In most vocational settings, the superstars of the organization can usually be easily identified. In a recent study1 of more than 600,000 workers in various industries, researchers found that these high performers are 400 percent more productive than those who […]
April 18, 2019

Contract Disputes and Business Litigation

Contract Disputes A contract can be thought of as an enforceable promise that creates binding relationships and defines legal obligations. Of course, not all promises are binding. For a contract to be valid, it must meet certain requirements. The Offer: The offer can be for a good or service and […]