White Collar Crime

On the national level, white-collar crimes are taken seriously,  and the number of white-collar crimes being prosecuted is rising dramatically. In South Carolina, white-collar crime cases are following the same trend. An experienced white-collar crime attorney at the Greenville, South Carolina law firm of Bannister, Wyatt & Stalvey, LLC can assist you if you’ve been charged with a white-collar crime.

We can help you evaluate your case and advise you of all your options, the laws that govern your case, and the potential outcome if your case goes to trial.

What is A South Carolina White Collar Crime?

In South Carolina, the law defines white-collar crimes as those that are not violent but rather have financial motivations. They are also normally committed by government or business officials.

What Are the Most Common White Collar Criminal Offenses in South Carolina?

In South Carolina, the most popular white-collar criminal offenses include, but aren’t limited to:

  1. Antitrust Violations Blackmail
  2. Bribery
  3. Bank Fraud
  4. Check Fraud
  5. Credit Card Fraud
  6. Counterfeiting
  7. Embezzlement
  8. Kickbacks
  9. Laundering Money
  10. Mail Fraud
  11. Misappropriation of Property
  12. Public Corruption
  13. Tax Evasion
  14. Wire Fraud

What Are the Possible Consequences of These Crimes?

In South Carolina, the penalties for committing a white-collar crime can range from fines to prison sentences, or a combination of both. It depends on your previous criminal record, if any, the consequences and severity of your crime, and how skilled your South Carolina attorney is.

In general, if you are accused of white-collar crime in South Carolina, you don’t have a previous criminal record, and your crime had only minor consequences, you could receive probation or a suspended sentence. You will most likely have to pay a fine, compensate your victims, and return any illegal profits.

If you have been accused of multiple white-collar crimes and have a previous criminal conviction, you will more than likely be facing time in prison.

Being charged with a white-collar crime in South Carolina can destroy your credibility, ruin your reputation, and make you unreliable and undesirable for employers and for the community you live in. Your white collar crime even has an impact on your family.

What Are the Possible Defenses For These Crimes?

It’s important to note that the most important principle that governs white-collar crimes in South Carolina is criminal liability. To get a conviction, the South Carolina prosecutor has to prove that you had motive, knew what you were doing, and had criminal intent.

The experienced criminal defense attorneys at the Greenville, South Carolina law firm of Bannister, Wyatt & Stalvey, LLC will build a strong defense on your behalf, which may include the following:

  1. You were the victim of entrapment.
  2. Questioning witnesses
  3. You have an alibi
  4. You were intoxicated
  5. You have physical and/or mental incapacity.
  6. Insanity

Depending on your individual case, your South Carolina white collar criminal defense attorney may be able to dismiss or eliminate some charges by alleging that the prosecution obtained some of the evidence illegally, the evidence is irrelevant to your case, or that the evidence was tampered with in some manner.

Any court trial can be a challenge. If you are facing white-collar criminal charges, your freedom, financial status, family, and reputation are at state. In many cases, the aggressive defense mounted by the Greenville, South Carolina law firm of Bannister, Wyatt & Stalvey, LLC, can give you confidence that will show during your trial.

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