Ditch the Drama: Five Tips For A Successful Divorce

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Nowadays, 50 percent of marriages end in divorce, however, zero percent of couples believe they’d become that statistic. Divorce isn’t something you plan for, but it’s important to have a game plan heading into what can often be an emotionally charged experience. Although the divorce process is often stressful, there are measures you can take to minimize the collateral damage. Here are the five suggestions to keep in mind when it comes to your divorce proceedings:

  1. Keep all communications with your spouse civil and courteous.Assume that the family court judge hearing your case will see any text, e-mail or voicemails you send. If you have to second-guess whether or not what you’re about to say/send could have negative repercussions, lean on the safe side and don’t send it. Put down the cell phone and come back to the discussion when you’re less emotional and can think clearly.
  2. Do not discuss the details of your case with anyone other than your attorney.Any conversation you have with a friend, colleague or family member is not private. While it might be tempting to verbally process the case with others, you need to understand that anything you say could potentially be repeated in court. These people can be called to testify and forced to disclose any information that you share with them. Conversations with your attorney are privileged and confidential and not subject to disclosure.
  3. Never discuss the litigation with your kids or in the presence of your kids. A family court judge’s #1 priority is to maintain your children’s best interests. It is the parents’ responsibility to keep the kids out of the dispute and failure to do so will reflect poorly on your ability to maintain a safe and stable home for your children. Although you may be at odds with your spouse during a divorce proceeding, it’s in your children’s best interest to focus on your own relationship with them and help them cultivate a sense of normalcy during this tumultuous season.
  4. Be accurate and honest in all financial disclosures.Even honest mistakes on a financial declaration can appear to be deceptive. Be sure to double-check your financial statements and have your affairs in order to avoid any unnecessary financial drama. Working with a certified divorce financial analyst may be in your best financial interest, as well as holding off on any major financial decisions until your divorce is finalized. Even if your divorce proceedings have been easy-going, it’s incredibly important to have your monetary affairs in order as nothing can be as financially devastating as a divorce.
  5. Don’t make decisions based on emotion alone.The judge hearing your case doesn’t know you or your spouse. The court typically disregards years of frustration that have led to the divorce. Your hearing will likely be limited to fifteen minutes and will be decided on written affidavits, not testimony. Don’t waste valuable time “venting” in your affidavit. Focus on your ultimate goal of having a successful divorce and keep in mind that the judge will look favorably on reasonable and practical resolutions to your case.

Even the most amicable divorces can be emotionally taxing and confusing. The family law attorneys at Bannister, Wyatt & Stalvey will stick by your side through the process, giving you guidance and trustworthy advice, while ultimately protecting your best interests. Schedule a comprehensive consultation by phone at 864-523-7738 or contact us online so our family law team can review your situation and decide on next steps.

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