DUI: How It Can Affect Your Future And How An Attorney Can Help

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You recently were arrested for DUI. You have a blue ticket with a court date on it, most likely requiring you to appear in court within the next thirty days. You have also been provided paperwork by the arresting officer but don’t know what to do. Keep in mind that you have not been convicted of this charge at this point and that speaking with qualified attorney quickly is critical.

Here are some of the things an attorney can do that will help:

Get you driving legally while your case is pending:

Your license may have been suspended as a result of your arrest depending on whether you provided a breath, blood or urine sample. If you refused to submit a any of these, the suspension is automatic. If your license was suspended, you may be eligible for a special license that allows you to still drive legally. An attorney will ensure that this paperwork is properly completed and submitted to the appropriate officials and can guide you through the process. If you are caught driving under suspension, this will result in an additional criminal charge and further suspension of your license. Don’t make this mistake. Being able to drive legally allows you to continue getting to work and getting your family where they need to be. Don’t complicate matters by driving under suspension.

Help avoid a permanent criminal record:

Many people believe their DUI case will be resolved at the trial date listed on their blue ticket. This court date is for a trial by a judge and you will not have any of the evidence prior to that date. DUIs are resolved in ways that will not result in you having this conviction on your record, however, you need an attorney to review the facts of the case and to gather all of the evidence surrounding your charge to determine the likelihood of a conviction. Your attorney will also be more qualified than you to negotiate an alternative resolution to the case that can keep your record clean. A DUI conviction on your record may exclude you from certain professions. It may cause you to lose your current job. It can also negatively affect your ability to get into certain colleges and scholarship eligibility, so it is wise to have an attorney involved to ensure everything is being done to protect your future.

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