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The family law attorneys of Bannister, Wyatt & Stalvey, LLC understand the nature of alimony discussions. Spousal support and alimony can greatly impact divorce settlements, so you need forthright and personalized guidance throughout the process. Our Greenville divorce lawyers can meet with you to review your situation and provide feedback on your divorce case. Simply call us, and we will set up a consultation for you.

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What You Need To Know About Alimony

There are no set calculations for landing upon alimony payments. The amount, even though there is an alimony statute in South Carolina’s Code of Laws, is governed by case law of the state. Alimony is usually awarded after the dissolution of a long-term marriage when there is a significant difference in each spouse’s income; however, spousal support, or alimony, is not a mandatory requirement.

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Whether or not a person is ordered to pay alimony is determined by a number of factors, but all alimony requests must be made in pleadings during family court proceedings. The family court judge makes a final determination on whether to award spousal support, or alimony, and what amount should be paid.

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Discuss alimony and spousal support scenarios with a qualified divorce lawyer who can guide you on what to expect.

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A minimum consultation fee of $300 is required on all family court matters. Please take a minute to read our Frequently Asked Questions.

Q: Am I required to pay child support if I don’t have any contact or visitation with my child or children?

A: Yes, all parents are required to pay child support regardless of how often you contact or visit your child or children. The only instance where this may not be necessary is if your parental rights have been terminated.

Q: Can the Department of Social Services (DSS) force me to submit to a drug test?

A: No, DSS does not have the right to force you to submit to a drug test; however, by refusing the test, it does give them a reason to suspect drug use in the home and they may seek the removal of any children.

Q: I have a court hearing requesting that I pay child support. What should I do?

A: Every situation and family court matter is unique. When possible, we recommend contacting an experienced family law attorney to help you navigate family court and ensure the best outcome for you and your children. Our family law attorneys are available to help. We require a minimum consultation fee of $300 on all family court matters. Schedule a comprehensive consultation by calling us today at 864-523-7738 or contact us online.

Q: We have an uncontested divorce and are in agreement on everything. What are the fees for an uncontested divorce?

A: While an uncontested divorce may feel like an open and shut matter, our attorneys give all family court matters a comprehensive review and consultation. We require a minimum consultation fee of $300 on all family court matters. Since divorce includes two parties, we can only represent one spouse in this instance.

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