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What Is Harassment in South Carolina?

S.C. § 16-3-1700 defines harassment as intentional, substantial and unreasonable intrusion into the private life of the targeted person. It must serve no legitimate purpose. It causes the victim, and would cause a reasonable person, mental or emotional distress.

Harassment in South Carolina may be charged as first or second degree, depending on the actions of the offender.

Harassment in the second degree, S.C. § 16-3-1710(B)

Harassment in the second degree is harassment that involves verbal, written or electronic contact. The contact must be initiated, maintained or repeated.

Penalty: Misdemeanor, fine up to $200, up to 30 days in jail; with a prior conviction within 10 years or while there is an active restraining order, misdemeanor, fine up to $1,000, up to one year incarceration

Harassment in the first degree, S.C. § 16-3-1720(A)

Harassment in the first degree is harassment that involves:

  • Following the victim to a location
  • Initiated, maintained or repeated contact after being told that the contact is unwanted or the victim has reported the incident to law enforcement
  • Surveillance of the person’s home, work, school or other frequented place
  • Vandalism, property damage

Penalty: Misdemeanor, fine up to $1,000, up to three years incarceration, or both.

Harassment in the first degree, in violation of a restraining order, S.C. § 16-3-1720(B)

When harassment in the first decree occurs while there is an active restraining order, the offender is in violation of S.C. § 16-3-1720(B).

Penalty: Misdemeanor, fine up to $2,000, up to three years incarceration, or both; with a prior harassment or stalking conviction within 10 years, a felony, fine up to $5,000, up to five years incarceration, or both.

Stalking Charges in South Carolina, S.C. § 16-3-1730(A)

Stalking is:

  • A pattern of words or conduct
  • With no legitimate purpose
  • Intended to cause and causing the targeted person to fear, and which would cause a reasonable person to fear
  • Fear may include fear of death, assault, bodily injury, criminal sexual contact, kidnapping, property damage, to them or to a family member


  • Felony, fine up to $5,000, up to five years incarceration, or both
  • When there is an active restraining order, felony, fine up to $7,000, up to 10 years incarceration, or both
  • With a prior conviction of harassment or stalking within 10 years, felony, a fine up to $10,000, up to 15 years incarceration, or both

How We Defend Harassment and Stalking Charges

As your lawyers, we can assist you with:

  • Effectively questioning witnesses, their biases and truthfulness
  • Challenging each element of the charges against you
  • Creating a personalized defense strategy and plan for your case
  • Answering your questions, preparing you for each step in your defense
  • Representing you at court hearings
  • Presenting your case at trial

We believe that everyone accused of a harassment or stalking criminal offense deserves a strong legal defense. Effectively fighting harassment and stalking charges requires fully understanding the factual allegations and the legal complexities of the charges. Our Greenville harassment lawyers are ready to thoroughly prepare and present your defense.

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