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Other Litigation Services

Legal rules can be complex when it comes to negligence in a personal or business matter. The attorneys at Bannister, Wyatt & Stalvey provide experienced legal counsel for cases involving personal injury, business litigation, financial fraud, and workers’ compensation. Based in Greenville, South Carolina, our attorneys represent clients in areas throughout the Southeast.

Personal Injury

Personal injury cases involve injuries caused by negligence of another person or business. Whether you are injured in a car accident, slip and fall, or need to apply for disability benefits, you can rely on our personal injury attorneys to thoroughly review your case and secure the benefits you deserve.

Business Litigation

Bannister, Wyatt & Stalvey’s legal team has years of experience working with complicated business litigation. Our business attorneys know the minutiae of business law and work to protect your company’s best interests.

Financial Fraud

Financial fraud includes any unethical or fraudulent practices that may take place during a financial transaction or with a financial advisor. Financial fraud includes bank fraud, credit card fraud, billing fraud, theft, misrepresentation, Ponzi schemes, just to name a few. The legal team at Bannister, Wyatt & Stalvey’s can help you regain control of your investments and recover lost funds.

Workers Compensation

If you are injured at work, an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer can help you determine your rights. We will work on your behalf and help resolve your workers’ compensation case so you can focus on recovering from your injury. Bannister, Wyatt & Stalvey’s attorneys are experienced in personal injury lawsuits, business litigation, financial fraud, and workers’ compensation, and have practiced in courtrooms across Greenville, SC and the Southeast. Our goal is to protect your rights and work for the outcome you deserve.

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