4 Important Questions to Ask a Criminal Defense Lawyer

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If you are facing a criminal charge, you need an experienced criminal defense lawyer on your side. While this is a blanket statement, it is nearly universally true. Because finding the right criminal defense lawyer for you can be daunting, knowing the four most important questions to ask can help you move forward with increased confidence in your decision. Reaching out to a dedicated South Carolina criminal defense lawyer is paramount if you’ve been accused of a crime.

One: How Experienced Are You at Defending Cases Like Mine?

While your criminal charge and case will be utterly unique to the unique circumstances involved, you are looking for a lawyer who has experience successfully defending cases like yours. Ask any prospective criminal defense lawyer to share his or her experience and success rate in relation to cases like yours.

Two: What Is Your Defense Strategy for My Case?

Although your criminal defense lawyer’s strategy is likely to evolve over time, it is important to get an idea regarding their first thoughts. If the lawyer you’re interviewing is ready to jump right to a plea bargain (rather than defending your innocence), it may not be the best approach (depending upon the situation).

Three: How Often Do You Go to Court?

Many criminal cases are resolved before they go to court; going before a jury is sometimes the best option when it comes to defending your legal rights and obtaining the best outcome possible. As such, you need a criminal defense lawyer who knows his or her way around a trial.

Four: Who Will Be Handling My Case?

When you interview a criminal defense lawyer, it’s important to determine the following:

  • If you will be working with him or her exclusively
  • If a legal team will be involved, and if so, who they are

Having a feel for who will be defending your rights can play a critical role in your ability to make well-informed decisions moving forward.

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Criminal Defense FAQ

If I’m planning on pleading guilty, do I need a lawyer?

It is in your best interest to work closely with a dedicated criminal defense lawyer from the outset (including in the matter of determining how you will plead).

How can I avoid a trial?

Sometimes, moving forward toward trial is the best option. While many criminal charges are resolved before trial, you and your criminal defense lawyer will make the right choices for you in your exact situation.

What are the most common defense strategies?

The most common defense strategies include:

  • Innocence
  • A violation of constitutional rights
  • Self-defense or other mitigating circumstances

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