Real Estate Title Disputes

When you own a piece of property, there may be a circumstance where another party claims ownership of the same title. Any situation where there may be others disputing the title of property may require help from trained lawyers. The Bannister, Wyatt & Stalvey, LLC real estate lawyers represent individuals, businesses, and organizations in real estate title disputes. Contact our real estate title dispute lawyers at (864) 523-7319 today for a consultation regarding your claim.

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Types of Title Disputes in Real Estate

  • Establishing clear title following a foreclosure, tax sale or sheriff’s auction
  • Settling outstanding claims from a mortgage or creditors
  • Weather, climate and land shifting that change land boundaries (accretion)
  • Missing/deceased individuals who may have property rights
  • Adverse possession (openly taking property over a period of time)
  • Estate beneficiary disputes; litigating claims of potential heirs

Undertaking an action to quiet title allows you to determine ownership of the property, once and for all. Then, you can use, enjoy, and transfer the property as you see fit.

How Our Real Estate Title Disputes Practice Group Can Help

Many real estate title disputes are resolved through a proceeding called a quiet title action. An action to quiet title is the real estate action to resolve any disputes in the ownership or interest of property.

We may assist with:

  • Determining who may have an interest in the claim
  • Naming and serving the appropriate parties
  • Identifying what legal issues may impact the outcome of the claim
  • Gathering the documentation necessary to explain the situation to the court
  • Complying with rules of evidence to present the information
  • Making legal arguments and requests to the court
  • Obtaining a court order
  • Responding appropriately if the claim is contested

Each case is different. Depending on the outstanding issues and defendants involved, our lawyers may approach the case in different ways. Our lawyers customize our representation to your needs and goals.

Lawyers for Real Estate Disputes Near Greenville, SC

Our lawyers work thoroughly and aggressively to represent your interests. Real estate title disputes often come down to complex, technical evidence. Not only must you walk into court with the evidence, but you must present it in a compelling way that the person hearing the case can understand.

Real estate title disputes can take time and energy. When real estate is a primary asset, or central to your business, the disagreement can be stressful. It is our goal to help you resolve the issue in the most efficient manner, working towards justice.

The Bannister, Wyatt & Stalvey, LLC real estate disputes practice group has decades of experience helping people navigate title disputes in a variety of circumstances. We are committed to excellence with the highest ethical standards and unquestionable integrity.

Taking New Cases

The Bannister, Wyatt & Stalvey, LLC real estate title dispute lawyers provide skilled, professional, and tailored legal services. If you have questions about your situation, let us help you explore your legal rights and options. Call us at (864) 523-7319 or send us a message through our website to discuss your claim.

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