What Is A Common Title IX Investigation Timeline?

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How long can a Title IX investigation take? What kind of timeline should you be planning for? We’ll include a common Title IX investigation timeline.

Title IX was put into place in 1972 to eliminate discrimination in any college institution based on sex. A Title IX investigation is an investigation into any case of discrimination, domestic violence, stalking, and especially sexual harassment and assault. If you or a loved one has suffered from any of these indiscretions, a title IX investigation might be the best option.

But how long does the investigation process take?

This article will walk you through the Title IX investigation process, and show you an example of a Title IX investigation timeline.

Title IX Investigation Timeline

There is no fixed timeframe that a title IX investigation should take. This is good because it means that the proper time and care necessary will be put into the investigation. Usually, the investigation takes place over the course of a month and a half to six months.

Title IX Coordinator 

Title IX cases start with the Title IX coordinator, a position that every school should have filled by law. The Title IX Coordinator may conduct a preliminary investigation, to root out some information that didn’t come to light immediately. The Title IX Coordinator will assess the seriousness of the allegations and the situation.

After this, a more formal process will begin, and an investigation and hearing will take place with a number of the college faculty. Title IX investigations here move forth like normal investigations, with the Coordinator at the head. The conducting of interviews, bringing forth of witnesses, and uncovering of evidence will all be brought underway.

The Accused

The student that’s accused plays a key role in the investigation. The accused student will write responses to the investigative reports.

This back and forth is important, since so many of these cases take place in gray areas. Establishing a motive can be difficult, and the consequences are dire for someone convicted of these charges. It can derail their whole academic career.

These investigations take a long time because there are high stakes on all sides. If a person does commit criminal sexual assault and doesn’t get convicted, that person is free to roam in the world and commit the act again. If someone had been falsely accused, they can have their whole life ruined by this one allegation — the school wants to make sure they get it right.

This is why it’s important for anyone facing these allegations to hire a Greenville criminal defense lawyer who’s trained in handling such complex cases.

Working Through the Law

Title IX is yet another piece of government infrastructure that is difficult for common people to understand. Unfortunately, a Title IX investigation timeline isn’t quite a simple as the timeline of other investigations. There is a lot of back-and-forth that has to be conducted to make sure no one is making any mistakes.

Now that you know the law a little better, you’re more likely to understand what can get thrown your way.

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