What Do Cops Do With the Money They Seize?

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Often, when there is a criminal investigation, law enforcement agents will seize money and property that they believe serves as evidence in the case. Once that property is seized, it can be quite difficult to get it back.

Citizens often wonder what the cops do with the money and possessions they seize. That is a very good question. Read on to find the answer.

What Type of Property Can Cops Seize?

Cops can seize any type of property they believe serves as evidence in a criminal investigation. This includes money, cars, drugs, bank accounts, and even houses.

Money is often seized in drug-related criminal investigations. The money that is seized may have been used to pay for drugs or it may be part of the profit someone has made off the sale of the drugs.

What Do Cops Do With the Money They Seize?

After the money is seized, it is put in a secure location while the criminal investigation is underway. If it is found that the money was not used illegally, it is returned to its rightful owner. However, because investigations can drag on, it may take months or even years before this can happen.

If it is found that the money was used illegally, the government keeps it and splits it among the agencies involved in the bust. Some argue that this practice is outdated and can leave people victimized but the government states that they are very clear on what the money can be used for. The government is also audited to make sure the money is going where it should.

In most cases, the money goes towards things like training, education, and crime-fighting equipment.

Drugs that are seized are destroyed and guns are disposed of unless they can be sold.

Make Sure You Get Your Property Back

If you were involved in a criminal investigation and had items seized that should be returned to you, the process to get them back is not always easy. It helps to have a reliable lawyer on your side.

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