What to Expect at Mediation for a Family Court Case

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Mediation What To Expect

Divorces and custody cases can be an emotional process. Sometimes the disagreements and arguments that come with these cases become hostile and are detrimental to the relationships of the associated parties. One way to try and avoid this type of conflict is through mediation. If the parties are unable to reach an agreement in a family court case, mediation is mandatory prior to trial.

Through mediation, the parties involved can discuss and negotiate their case with a neutral third party. Mediation is used to create a stable environment for structured debates in a private setting. With an impartial mediator, both parties are able to freely discuss any grievances without fear of the conversation spiraling out of control. The goal of mediation is to come to an amicable, fair resolution that better suits the parties’ specific situation.

For the actual mediation, expect it to take approximately three hours. Once there, you will meet with the mediator and go over the issues that are to be discussed. The issues will be discussed in order of priority, but it can be helpful to go over the easier conversations first before working your way into the deeper subjects. After the pertinent information has been relayed, there will be a negotiation and, hopefully, a resolution.[i]

Having an experienced Greenville divorce attorney with you through the mediation process can help you better understand it and the steps that come after it. Contact Bannister, Wyatt, and Stalvey for more information on how we can help you through your mediation process.

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