What to Know Before Getting a Divorce

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Getting divorced requires a lot of planning, which can be difficult during such an emotional time. Many people end up lost in stress, and it can impact their decisions. Here are principles that people should know that can guide them in the divorce process.

Put the Children First

If there are children involved, their best interests will always come first. This belief is not just an idealistic statement, but it is the principle that the court uses. Nonetheless, you should also do this on your own. We understand that there may be hurt feelings and raw emotions. However, all of your decisions should be made with the children in mind. While parents do not need to be friends after the divorce, they do need to work together for the benefit of the children. A contentious divorce may keep that from happening.

It Is Almost Always Better to Settle

Divorce trials should not be your preferred way to resolve issues. The two parties are always better off trying to resolve a matter amicably through an agreement. Trials are costly, and they lead to lingering bad blood between the parties. Perhaps, this is why very few divorce cases will go to trial. Of course, some people are unreasonable and are intent on forcing a trial. Unless that is the case, you should try to explore a settlement.

Consider the Future

When people are getting divorced, they often think about the short term because that is all they can see. However, your decisions in the marital settlement agreement will impact you for the long term. For example, this agreement could dictate custody of the children or how you divide retirement accounts. You should think strategically about your needs in the future before you make any concrete decisions.

Take Your Time and Get Advice

When you are considering a divorce or are in the middle of the process, you are making life-altering decisions. There is a natural tendency to make these decisions based on emotion or fear. While it is difficult to do, take a deep breath and think through what you are doing. Get help from an experienced attorney when thinking about the legal aspects of your divorce. You should also seek professional help for your mental health to get you through the process.

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What if my spouse wants a divorce and I do not?

Unless you have defenses to grounds for absolute divorce, one spouse has the ability to end the marriage.

How does a lawyer help with my divorce?

We will do everything from handling the details to helping negotiate your divorce agreement to represent you at a trial.

How will the court decide custody?

Every judge will use the best interests of the children to decide custody issues.

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