September 16, 2014

NFL Execs’ “Due Process” Position Shows League Still Doesn’t Get It

An article in today’s edition of USA Today describes the reaction of several NFL teams to players that that have been recently arrested or convicted of various criminal charges. In addressing the Adrian Peterson child abuse indictment, Minnesota Vikings owners issued the following statement: “We take very seriously any matter […]
July 7, 2014
Grenvile SC courtroom

How The U.S. Supreme Court Ruling On Cell Phone Searches May Apply To Your Clients

Last week, the U.S. Supreme Court issued a ruling that prohibits law enforcement from searching a suspect’s cell phone without a warrant unless a person’s safety or life is in danger. This ruling is likely to benefit defendants who have pending cases where cell phone data has been obtained in […]
February 10, 2014
smart phone safety

Texting While Driving Ban – More than Meets the iPhone

As many in Greenville, SC are aware, the City is considering enacting a law that would prohibit the use of mobile devices while driving. Violators of this proposed ordinance could be subject to fines and the ultimate destruction of their mobile device. While being fined $100 and having your phone […]